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AARSHI application UI

What is AARSHI?

AARSHI is a free education app that offers online courses and education consulting services to help students prepare for competitive examinations. It also aims to provide free, centralized access to course content designed in accordance with the New Education Policy, 2020, from Kindergarten to Postgraduate level under one roof at absolutely no cost.

What AARSHI does?

AARSHI is an effort to move away from the traditional method of learning, where teachers used the drill-and-rote method of memorization. This leads to little opportunity for the students to develop critical thinking skills or have the ability to make sense of the world around them based on personal observation and understanding. 

AARSHI, with its free education app for students, brings in a new and innovative digital e-learning platform. What makes it special is that AARSHI offers a complete student lifecycle management solution by combining a one-of-a-kind Smart Knowledge Management System(KMS) and Learning Management System(LMS). 

In addition to students, AARSHI also benefits institutions because it offers a full institutional management solution that enables institutions to easily deliver their courses via the e-learning LMS platform while saving a significant amount of time and money.

By effectively utilizing the organization resources, the AARSHI mobile application and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software help to increase overall organizational effectiveness.

AARSHI’s in-house edtech mobile application encompasses syllabuses across KG to PG.  AARSHI makes quality learning available at every level of the student’s journey, delivering approximately half a million pieces of content in various Indian languages customized to the school pedagogy, NCERT/CBSE/ICSE and various state board contents. AARSHI also upskills students beyond the school curriculum through vocational training courses, IIT JEE, NEET competitive exam materials, coding classes, cyber security classes, SSB preparation & training in foreign languages. English- speaking courses, career counseling and guidance-brain coding and psychometrics etc further improve the learning of the students both in scale as well as scope.

Key Features

A few key features of the e-learning LMS platform include private classrooms, class recordings, online exam, chat on text feature, custom branding and cross platform integration. Whereas the ERP software manages business operations starting from administrative work to managing the academics, human resources, finance, inventory, library, hostel and even transportation management. 

The ERP software also offers additional features like salary and leave management, as well as onboarding for students and employees.

The students can easily access notices posted on the notice board, such as the timetable, exam notifications, the deadline for payment of fees and download and upload their regular in-class assignments on account of a user-friendly student dashboard of the LMS platform.

Why Students Need AARSHI?

AARSHI operates on a freemium model and aims to provide the Indian student community with an e-learning platform which offers free education online courses via a free education app for students. The goal in doing this was to prevent the country’s rising educational costs from impeding learning and zeal for knowledge. 

According to a recent survey by ET Online Research, college tuition comes down to about a crore while educating a child in a private school in India from the age of 3 to 17 costs a staggering Rs 30 lakhs. This is in stark contrast to an Indian household earning Rs 23000 per month, which equates to less than Rs 3 lakhs per year. 

The cost of educating a child in India is therefore 10 times the average household’s annual income, which alone serves as justification for the significance and necessity of a free education app like AARSHI

In addition, aside from schools, coaching institutes also charge high tuition fees from the parents, to the point where the current market revenue of the coaching industry in India is Rs 58,088 crore and its growth is predicted to reach Rs 133995 crore rupees by the year 2028. 

By attempting to offer high-quality courses to the entire student population absolutely free of charge, AARSHI seeks to close this gap in the educational system.


The name AARSHI,  which is Sanskrit for “First Ray of Sun Light,” emanates pure, divine knowledge. It gives us hope that, by utilizing technological advancements and e-learning, we will be able to fulfill our commitment to offering high-quality education at competitive costs across the nation. 

With the help of e-learning, we can increase education’s accessibility and inclusivity in India, where the average dropout rate is 15%. These dropouts are typically due to academic challenges and financial constraints on families, both of which AARSHI aims to address by making learning concepts easy to understand and significantly affordable. Another major e-learning advantage is that formalized learning can be provided through electronic devices such as computers, tablets and even cellular phones that are connected to the internet which makes it easy for users to learn anytime, anywhere, at their own pace and with few restrictions, if any.

Current associations

AARSHI is currently affiliated with institutes such as Saraswati Sishu Vidya Mandir and FeePad, together which have a subscriber base of half a million. Currently, AARSHI caters to the educational needs of approximately 350,000 students in approximately seven Indian languages, facilitated by more than 30 qualified educators and delivered via the AARSHI mobile application.