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We provide a complete one stop sustainable online student/ employee cycle management solution for universities/ corporates/government institutions which can be customized as per the user’s requirement with our EdTech, AARSHI.

  • School Learning Management System (LMS)
  • School Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Mobile Application
  • OTT (Over The Top) Platform


We aim for sustainable healthcare solutions that use modern tools and practices' to remotely observe patients' health changes from home. We offer access to world class health care with Remote Patient Monitoring & Telemedicine Platforms at an affordable cost. We also provide access to world class health care with meager cost through our training programs, magical supplement consumption and regular follow ups.


We, at A4ConServ aim to transition from a linear economy to a circular economy paradigm of manufacturing and consumption by offering services that promote the circular flow of materials, such as waste collection and reuse, recycling, and upcycling services, and initiatives like zero-waste manufacturing in order to extend their lifespan for the future generations.

Sustainable EDTECH Services

Edtech is devices and software used to teach pupils and workers. Students learn at various speeds and in different ways, so this benefits students and teachers. A4Conserv recognises the value of self-paced learning and growth, so we created AARSHI, a free education app that offers education consulting and online classes. Educational consultants help families plan for high school, college, and higher school. Students and parents can schedule educational consulting at their convenience. Edtech’s cost savings and freedom to access the AARSHI app and its content from anywhere, anytime make quality education and learning reasonable and engaging. A4Conserv provides a one-stop sustainable answer for all education accessibility and affordability issues in the nation. AARSHI’s LMS and ERP services enable us to create a full student/employee learning cycle management system for universities/educational institutions/corporates/government agencies. Thus, AARSHI is a unique edtech platform that spans the KG–PG programme with experiential learning, evaluation, and free IT and coding courses.

Sustainable Healthcare Services

A lot of the time, people will use the terms “health” and “nutrition” interchangeably. In order to keep one’s body in good health, it is necessary to consume a diet that is high in various nutrients. At A4ConServ, we understand the value of getting the right amount of nourishment, and we provide services that encourage healthy and consistent growth. With the intention of eradicating malnutrition once and for all, A4ConServ has developed innovative training programs for the SHGs and Anganwadi workers, as well as a consumption plan for the administration of the miraculous dietary supplement and the provision of remote counselling. The extraordinary nutritional supplement, which has garnered attention all over the world, is going to be utilized for the goal of keeping good health and well-being in the future. Two of the other facilities include the provision of home diagnostics as well as the operation of a telemedicine facility. Delivering medicines to your doorstep and providing online consultations and consultations virtually.

Sustainable Advisory Services

Eliminating Linear Economy, Adapting Circular Economy.

Contrary to the principle of Linear Economy where raw material is extracted from the available natural resource, subsequently build into a product, consumed and dumped as waste by the consumers, Circular Economy ensures recycling of the dumped waste into a new product. Everything is reused, remanufactured and even recycled into a raw material contributing towards conserving the natural resources.


With our expertise in the field of education and waste management, we make an attempt to provide training to the Self-Help Groups (SHG’s) to make them sustainable in terms of education, livelihood and waste management practices so that we can move closer to our goal of eliminating linear economy and adapting circular economy which is based on the 5R principle of Refuse, Reform , Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Contrary to the principle of Linear Economy where raw materials are extracted from the available natural resources and subsequently built into a product, consumed, and dumped as waste by consumers, circular economy ensures recycling of the dumped waste into a new product. Everything is reused, remanufactured and even recycled into a raw material contributing towards conserving the limited natural resources that we have available on the planet.

Waste Management Solutions

Apart from providing quality education services at fingertips, we being the pioneers of sustainability in the edtech industry, are also working towards managing e-waste which is generated at a volume of 1.7 lakhs metric tons per annum in the country making India the fifth largest e-waste producer in the world. Of this, computer devices account for nearly 70% of the e-waste and 5.3 billion pieces of mobile and smartphones were discarded in 2022 alone. These alarming numbers led us to rethink our purpose. AARSHI is not just here to deliver courses online; it is here to stand true to the content of the lessons we are delivering about sustainability and implement the same in our organization. Therefore, we have come up with an Electronic Gadget Refurbishment initiative which will help us to minimize e-waste while at the same time ensure that quality education is made accessible to the entire student community in the country.

Hence, on one side we are trying to minimize waste while on the other we are trying to achieve ecological sustainability which is defined as the maintenance or restoration of the composition, structure, and processes of ecosystems including the diversity of plant and animal communities and the productive capacity of the ecological systems. Apart from AARSHI,  in order to achieve ecological sustainability, we attempt to provide waste management solutions by making use of sustainable processes in waste management such as Black Soldier Fly(BSF), Bio-Gas, Rubber to Fuel Processing(RFP), Sewage Sludge to Oil Processing(SSOP), Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plants(STP/ETP), Forest to Fuel and Green House Concept.

Sustainable processes in waste management:

BSF/GSF (Black Soldier Fly)


RFP (Rubber to Fuel Processing)

SSOP (Sewage Sludge to Oil Processing)