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(Complete Student Life Cycle Management Solution)

AARSHI – First Ray of Light. It provides a ray of hope to the field of sustainable education. Eliminating the old-fashioned way of learning, Aarshi brings a new innovative digital learning platform for students. AARSHI, a one-of-a-kind Smart KMS (Knowledge Management System), caters a combination of an LMS (Learning Management System), an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and a Mobile Application which provides centralized access to contents from KG to PG under one roof for absolutely no cost.

LMS helps the institutions to save valuable time and money by allowing them to easily deliver the course through the LMS platform which keeps the content centralized for all the students to have a single source to communicate from. ERP systems helps the organizational efficiency by improving on the overall utilization of their resources where the students are enabled to download or upload their regular assignments. They can also have the access to the notice board notifications such as timetable, exam notifications, last date to pay the fees, etc. provides a complete student life cycle management solution along with a complete institutional management solution through:

Remote Patient Monitoring System

Remote patient monitoring system  includes Home Diagnostics and Telemedicine Facility which is helping in becoming the new normal because of this pandemic where you get a better access to healthcare with a daily assurance of improved quality care by complimenting the overall improved support and feedback.

RPM helps the organization to expand its zone by increasing the capacity for the doctors to treat more patients. In addition to the improve in the quantity, RPM supports to improve the overall quality care by assuring the patient is being under watchful buoyant eyes.

A remote patient monitoring system commonly contains four key components: